Valentine's Day For Yourself By Yourself

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Love is in the air! How will you be celebrating V-Day this year? Maybe out to a romantic dinner with your significant other or watching Fifty Shades Darker (ps. you should go watch it, it's so good!) or you will be just chilling in your comfiest PJs and watching some chick flicks. Really when you think about it, it's just another day. However, it's a good day fills with love and optimism but it's not what it used to be. I feel like the meaning of Valentine's Day has changed. It was more for single people but now it's a day for people who are in a relationship already celebrating about being a couple. Valentine's day used to be a day about finding love and secret admirers...

If this Valentine's Day you will be spending it alone, why not treat yourself to a 'you day'. Why not change the meaning of Valentine's Day to a day of self-love and self-confidence?! Have a day for yourself and do the things that make you happy. It might seem a little silly to take yourself out on a date but it's a very rewarding solitary experience. Don't worry about what other people might think. Research have shown that spending time alone can boost your creativity and self-confidence. 

As an introvert myself, I prefer much prefer to stay in rather than going out. I love staying in and just have a pampering sesh. Throwing my hair in a bun, wearing my comfy loungewear, putting on a face mask, whilst waiting for my nails to dry, catching up on my favourite TV programs. Bliss. Go and run yourself a bubble bath and eat that tub of ice-cream cause 'you day' also equals to 'cheat-day'.✌
Treat yourself to some sexay lingerie. You don't need someone or a reason to purchase some lingerie. Purchase and flaunt it for yourself. Wearing lingerie is a source of body empowerment. Finding the piece of lingerie that fits and looks good for your body type helps you feel comfortable with your own body. Impress yourself, put that lingerie on and look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me, "Damn, I look hella good!". Check out Adore Me V-Day collection and indulge in some sexy lingerie!
Remind yourself how amazing you are because you are amazing and you deserve to treat yourself!!
How do you like to treat yourself?
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