The Dressmaker Costume Exhibition at Rippon Lea House and Garden

A few days ago, I attended a special preview of the Dressmaker Costume Exhibition. Firstly, I'm going to put my hand up and say I haven't read nor watched the movie so I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was that it was an Australian movie set in the 1950's and starred Kate Winslet and the gorgeous Liam Hemsworth. 

Boy oh boy was I was blown away?! As I stepped inside the mansion into the exhibition, I totally felt like I was transported to somewhere else in a different period of time. Rippon Lea House and Garden is the perfect location for this exhibition with its beautiful historical architecture as the backdrop. We went on a tour of the exhibition guided by award-winning costume designer, Marion Boyce. It was so amazing to have Marion there talking us through the details and process of designing each costume. We also got the opportunity to chat with the author of the Dressmaker novel, Rosalie Ham. It was really interesting to hear from both Marion and Rosalie on how they brought the story to film. 

The exhibition features 50 beautifully designed costumes inspired by Parisian Couture. Each piece of clothing has such gorgeous details and you can just see the high level of artisanship that went into making the costumes. All the costumes were presented beautifully on mannequins and I love how a few of the costumes were modelled on mannequins with rotating bases, so you could really see every single detail of the costumes. 

This dress is one of my favourites!!

"I find a lot of fashion totally dictates the way you have to wear it, and I like finding pieces that you can then translate in different ways and reform it in different ways and you can wear it the way you want instead of the way someone wants you to be."- Marion Boyce

I was surprised to learn that the costumes above have a lengthy process of dying and getting the colours right for the set. 

Another one of my faves! Will you look at the pleated detail! Worn by Sarah Snook.
I know I have bombarded you with a lot of photos from the exhibition (a picture is worth a thousand words, right?), but nothing beats seeing all of the costumes in person with your own eyeballs. Go and escape reality for a while and be transported back in time to Dungatar. The Dressmaker Exhibition is about personal journeys and transformations. The National Trust of Victoria have really put on an amazing exhibition and you should definitely check it out if you love the movie or the novel. Even if you haven't seen or read the movie like myself, you'd still enjoy and appreciate  the beauty of the costumes. The Dressmaker Costume Exhibition is now open until the 31st of July at Rippon Lea House and Gardens. For more deets, head to the Dressmaker Exhibition Website. 

Something I need to do ASAP when I get the time is to watch and read the Dressmaker!☺

Have you watched the Dressmaker movie? Which is your favourite costume?

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