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I am officially back at Uni and already have three assessments due in a few weeks time. *Sigh* I miss the holidays...but it's nice to get back into a routine. 

My uni fashion is pretty casual and simple. I do have long classes, so comfort is key. You just can't go wrong with a simple tee tucked into a denim skirt, and finishing off with a pair of Converse. I pretty much live in my Converse or my Vans. They go with pretty much every outfit and most importantly, they're super comfy. Stylish and comfort equal win-win situation!

Here are a few of my top Uni tips that might be helpful for you if you're in university/ college:
Try not to miss any of your lectures and tutorials unless necessary

I know it's super tempting to miss a lecture or a class. Missing classes will create a snowball effect and you will struggle to keep up.  You are probably like, "the lecture slides will be online, I'll look at it later." Chances are you'll forget to look at it or you'll just skimp through the notes. Your lecturer will most likely mention things that aren't on the slides, so you may miss out on vital information. With that said, write out your notes before each lecture/ class. That way, you can focus on listening to your lecturer and add in any extra notes. 

Prioritise and get organise 

My diary is my best friend, without it, I'd be so lost (ugh, so corny). I study full-time, work part-time, I do work experience here and there, sometimes I write on here, sometimes I gym and I try to maintain a social life (or lack of). If I don't pen in the things I have to do in my diary and prioritise the important stuff, I'd be pretty overwhelmed. Schedule in everything you have to do/ to be in your diary. That way, you won't have anything clashing with an assignment you have to do. Sometimes you might have two or three assessments due on the same night. I remember last semester, I had three assessments due in one night plus a presentation the next day. Start your assignments early, so you will have time to edit it and hand in your best work!

There are no stupid questions!

In my first year, I was pretty embarrassed to ask questions. I could have gotten an HD but I got a Credit instead... tsk tsk. Your teacher is there to help you.  If you're embarrassed to ask questions in front of your classmates, stay back after class and ask your teacher then. You can always e-mail your teachers with any questions, but I prefer asking face-to-face so you can clarify anything that you're unsure of. 

Make the most of the services offered to you

Take advantage of all the services and events that your Uni has to offer to you. Join a few clubs, go to events that are related to your course, Use the research database for referencing in your assignment where it would normally cost hundreds to become a member but totally free through Uni. There is an abundance of services that are there to make your Uni life easier and better, so take advantage of it!

Enjoy your time at Uni as it will fly by like you wouldn't believe it! 

What are you currently studying and what's your top studying tip? ☺

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