7 Things I love About Spring

Oh yes! Spring is well and truly here and I couldn't be more excited. Spring is my favourite season and I thought I would share some of the lovely things that spring brings, so here are the 7 things I love about spring...

1. On- point weather (mostly)

Mostly because if you live in Melbourne, then you'd agree that the weather is quite bi-polar here. Just like yesterday, it was gloomy and raining all day then today it's all sunshine and happiness. Spring for me has the perfect weather- not too hot and not too cold. Feeling the sun on your face, you just automatically feel more positive. Hmmm.. let's see how long the perfect weather lasts before sweater weather is back in play. 

2. Blooming flowers 

I love seeing all the flowers blooming during spring time, but hayfever is a biatch. Flowers are so pretty and make me very happy indeed. I wish I can keep them alive though, but recently I came across dry flowers so that works well for me.

3. Spring fashion

As the weather gets warmer, it means less layering required. Hoorah! I love that I can wear skirts and dresses more often now. Can you tell I'm a girlie-girl like that? 
Spring time also means Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, and this year I had the privileged to work there. It was so exciting and so fun! Challenging and stressful at times, call me crazy but it was a good kind of stress and I love a bit of a challenge. 

4. Daylight saving 

Hallelujah for longer days. If you're a blogger, then you can appreciate the extra daylight too. It means we can stay out longer and have picnics and be all cute and what not. What's not to love?!

5. Spring Racing Carnival 

Oh yessss, it's spring racing season and I'm so excited. I love spring racing fashion. The big hats, unique looking fascinators, elegant dresses...it's the time to be playful and have a little fun dressing up and go bold! Unfortunately, I don't think I can make it to the races this year as I will be working. However, my internship has something to do with the Spring Racing Carnival, so I'm not missing out too much. ☺

6. Beauty of Spring

I've never really embrace vampy lips fully. I love that I can play around with bright colours. Spring screams pastel colours to me and that's right up my alley. Oh that reminds me that I need to learn about strobing. It's a huge beauty trend for this season! 

Photographer | Melissa Shaowei
7. Optimism 

That feeling of renewal is great. Since everything is sort of starting fresh, it seems like there is sort of a positive energy around. I'm not into science at all (yuck), but I think the sun affects our brain chemistry because spring time makes me want to go out there and do so many things. I just in general feel more enthusiastic and happy about the day. 

Which is your favourite season and why do you love it?

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Life Update & OOTD!

Hello! Yes, it has been quite a while... I miss you! I have been a busy bee juggling a lot on my plate, but I love being busy and constantly having things to do. Unfortunately with so much going on, I have neglected my blog and it literally makes me cringe when I haven't blogged for so long. 

With that said, my main priority is Uni. I don't want to just cruise along and get a pass for all of my subjects. All semester I have been aiming for the highest mark possible and hard work really does pay off in the end. Next week will be my last week of Uni for the year and I cannot wait!! Other than full-time Uni, I also work part-time three days a week and a month or so ago I started my very first internship. As you can imagine, it's a tough act to balance everything. 

However, I do regularly posts on my Instagram (@yourstrulyny) if you want to check out what I get up to. I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove of things and post regularly during my holidays. 

Anyhow, I want to share an OOTD with you! This dress I have featured before, but I wanted to show you again as I styled it differently this time. 

I adore this dress for its versatility. I can easily dress it up or down. I took this dress with me when I went to New York and dressed it down with a pair of vans and a back- pack. It instantly gave that sporty chic vibes. Here I have paired the dress with a pair of heels  and it makes the whole outfit look more feminine and girly. Throw on a simple cardigan, and it's good for a casual day out. Throw on a coat and I'm good to discuss business. 

Dress- Sabo Skirt
Shoes- Forever New
Cardigan- ZOVE
Coat- Runway Scout 
Sunglasses- Top Shop
Bag- Thrifted 

Photographer| Melissa Woon
What's your favourite thing about Spring/Fall?
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