Best Eye Shadows for Your Eye Colour

This week is quite a bit of a busy week for me, so I'm thankful that Amy is guest posting for me this week! She will be sharing with us the best eye shadow look that compliments with our eye colour. Take it away, Amy! ☺
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An old saying says: Eyes are the window to our soul. Well, if this is really so, we need to learn how to emphasize them properly, without losing their natural beauty. In order to find out what is the best way to accentuate my eyes I tried out many makeup tricks, and finally came to a conclusion that it is the colour that makes the largest difference. While particular colours make my brown eyes look classy and sexy, other colours just don't suit me. I did a little research and consulted a couple of great makeup artists in Australia who gave me some great tips about how to choose the best eye shadow for my eye colour. Here is what I found out!

Blue Eyes

Choosing the right eye shadow for blue eyes can be really tricky. What I was first told is that the blue-eyed women are usually the ones who apply the shadows that don't match with their eye colour well. No matter if you have gorgeous azure or sultry sapphire eyes, you need to avoid anything dark and aggressive, such as black smokey eyes. Instead, use soft hues like coral, peach or champagne, as well as warmer shades like terracotta, copper or golden brown that will gently contrast your eyes and make them seem even more blue. You should also consider using particular cool nuances, including purple, silver and light pinks.

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Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, you need to know that it is warm, reddish nuances that will complement them the most. It is only the hue and the intensity you need to choose, depending on the particular situation. For a casual, everyday look, you should choose soft garnet and bronze nuances that will add a subtle and sophisticated touch to your eyes. On the other hand, for a classy night out, you could also choose full-on amethyst hues that will look both sexy and feminine.

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Brown Eyes

No matter how much I love green or blue eyes, I've always considered myself lucky for being blessed with brown eyes that can be accentuated in so many different ways! Although almost all nuances work well with my eye colour, and I tend to choose subtle ones such as earthy browns for my natural look. I always use Jane Iredale makeup that offers a wide range of gorgeous and creamy hues like rich browns or salmon that complement my eyes the most and create a dreamy look (you can get Jane Iredale makeup from Skin Matrix). At the same time, whenever I want to accentuate my dark eyes in a more unusual and yet stylish way, I go for a seductive midnight-blue, purple or cobalt hues that add a cool contrast to my eyes.

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All in all, choosing the right eye shadow is the key to achieving a flawless look in every situation. What you should always keep in mind is that, no matter what colors you prefer the most, you need to pay special attention to your eye color, which determines what makeup you should actually apply. If you want to play safe and choose colors that utterly complement your eyes or subtly contrast them, you need to remember that the natural and sophisticated look should be your final goal. Hope this helps. For more information, feel free to ask!

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