Overcoming Fear of Failure

It is human nature to be afraid of failure. Sometimes, we don’t do what we want to do because we are afraid of what might potentially happen. When we go outside of our comfort zone, we get scared. Really, what’s the worst thing that could happen?
Is it really that bad though?

Failure is inevitable if you want to live a fulfilling life. Some people fear failure, so they take the easy way out and they don’t gain much from doing so. Failure doesn’t determine the person you are, but the way you overcome it. The more you fail, the more you succeed. It's so true that behind every setback, is an opportunity. 

In the past, I "ran" away from opportunities cause I was afraid of failing, afraid of being laughed at. I also had failures in the past and I'm not ashamed of admitting it. They all have shaped me and taught me so many lessons. I am who I am today because of those failures. I'm not saying I'm completely successful at this point in my life but I'm very content with my life and where it's heading.  

I feel that most of the time, failures can lead to better things. Well at least for me, it has. Expand your goal to include learning something new and you will never technically “fail”, because there is always something to be learned. Look at each failure as a blessing in disguise. Whenever you are faced with something difficult, learn from it and grow.

2015 for me is about branching out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Things that scares me.  I sacrificed a chapter of my life for a brand new beginning and I never looked back since. I was terrified that I was going to fail cause I had no back up plan. I took a risk and it paid off, thankfully. Phew! 

The worst thing that can happen is you will fail; but if you didn't even try, you have failed already. 
Realise that failure is simply a stepping stone, not a permanent event. Realise that failure is exactly what you needed. It may be the messenger of the lesson you needed to succeed down the road. When it happens it won’t be easy, but it is what will make you the person you want to become.
No matter how many times you have failed, you will still fear failure. Know that the fear of failure is just a thought. It is often exaggerated and most likely not going to become a reality. Thoughts can be eliminated, feelings can be lessened, and fears can be overcome.

Live life courageously!

What would you attempt to do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?


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