Dressing for Comfort and Style in Winter

Oh baby, it's cold outside.
Winter is well and truly here in the Southern Hemisphere and i'm not a fan of it. Even though I've been living in Australia for over ten years, i'm still not used to the cold and I don't think I will ever be. Ah look at me complaining when it doesn't even snow where I am...
To be fair, there are some aspects of winter that I do like, such as; 
being able to sleep with my blanket and donas wrapped up like a cocoon, 
drinking endless amount of hot tea, and of course
it's cuddle season (gents, application is now open..i'm just kidding ha-ha).
Seriously though, how I get through winter is the goodness of winter fashion.

I'm all about comfort when comes winter time, as I don't want to freeze my little booty off. Usually  I dress accordingly to the weather and sometimes accordingly to my mood, so in this case it was very gloomy,rainy and... let's just say my heart got a little shattered. So I chose an 89% all black outfit.

Coat| Portmans
Jeans | Jeanswest
Throw over cardigan/Scarf | Valley Girl
Backpack | Rains
Boots | ZU
 *Umbrella | Everyday Umbrella 

I jazzed up the monochrome outfit with accessories such as a beanie, a scarf, backpack, and an umbrella. Adding these accessories makes the outfit less plain Jane and more stylish. Who'd have thought that an umbrella-as an everyday object can really add some dimension to an outfit. In this case, it added 50 shades of grey to the overall look. 

Let's take a minute to just appreciate the Paris Umbrella, how chic does it look right? I just couldn't not have it in my life to add to my collection of Paris/Eiffel Tower obsession when I was picking out an umbrella on Everyday Umbrella. It was a really hard decision though with so many cute designs to choose from! Everyday Umbrella is an Australian shop that provides fun,quirky, cute, and unique designs of umbrellas. Take a peak and I'm sure you'll find one that capture your sense of personality and style. If you do, guess what? Everyday Umbrella has kindly offered 20% off all umbrellas to my lovely readers when you enter the code:
 I'd love to know which is your favourite design from Everyday Umbrella. I love my umbrella so much and it's perfect for Melbourne's unpredictable weather. I took it out to play when it was super windy and it didn't flip inside out! That's how you know it's made with high quality material.

Happy shopping!

Do you love winter or diss it? Why?

*Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to try and review products sent by brands for consideration. Thoughts and views expressed are always honest cause honesty is the best policy.☺


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