REVIEW: Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off and Licence To Blot

Hi beauties!

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on two of the new comers from Benefit in Australia. In late January, I attended the Glamour Affair bloggers event. Boy oh boy, we were spoiled rotten! We received a big bag full of goodies from many different brands. There were also a few guest speakers on the day. Two lovely Benebabes generously gifted us with a cute goody bag which includes a cute, super girly calender, a full size of the Porefessional Primer, and the newbies Puff Off!* and License To Blot* - both were also full size. Thank you, Benefit!! I have been trialing these products since I got my hands on them, so it's time to share my opinion on these newbies..


Let's start with the packaging. It's cute, just like all of the other Benefit's products. God dammit! I'm a huge sucker for cute things. So naturally, I was very excited to use it. The iron shaped metal tip applicator is a metaphor to "iron" out the fine lines under the eyes and decrease puffiness. You can apply this either on bare skin or over your makeup. I preferably like to use it on bare skin. If you do want to apply it over your makeup, it's recommended to squeeze a little product on a finger and pat it under the eyes. 
To be completely honest, I like this product but I don't love it. It just didn't wow me. Maybe I was the wrong target as I don't have major fine lines or puffies under my eyes (pheww). It does reduce puffiness, but I can achieve that at home by freezing two teaspoons in the freezer overnight. It's free and it does the job. 

 The eye gel itself isn't too bad. It does make my eye are feel hydrated and smother. It absorbs easily into the skin. What I like the most, is the iridescent finish that it gives. It brightens up the eye area. That's about all I like about it. Note to not damage the iron tip, close the lid with the shield side on top of the face of the iron.


I used this right away when I got it at the event, and I was quite impressed with the results. It made me looked less like a grease ball. Supposedly, this was designed to make blotting in public less embarrassing. I personally don't blot in public, but in the bathroom/toilet. I think blotting with something that look like a glue stick is going to get a few stares. I do like the triangle shape design, which helps to reach areas of the nose easily. 
 This product promises to mattify the skin for about six hours without disturbing the make-up. Nahh, I don't agree with that claim. As you can see from the image below, it does remove a bit off my makeup (it looked even dirtier before, I wiped the top off to not gross you guys out). I preferably like using this when I'm not wearing makeup, but my skin still get a little shiny.  

Again for the price of this, it's not amazing. I much prefer to buy blotting sheets from the drugstore, that's a lot less expensive but works like a treat. If it works, why change things? You with me? 

My verdict of these two products is that I won't be repurchasing either of them when I run out of the product. Benefit have lots of great gems that I adore, but these two just didn't do it for me.

Have you used either of these products before? If so, what are your thoughts on them?

*I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out these products and review them, gifted by Benefit. Thoughts and views expressed are always 100% honest! Honesty is the best policy after all.

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