January Favourites 2015
We are basically 1/12 of the way through 2015 already. Shut the front door! Can the time please slow down just a little, cause I don't want summer to end just yet. So far 2015 has started off quite smoothly. I'm that person that "make" New Year's resolutions but never keep them. However this year, I am determined to accomplish some of my goals and stick it out. One of my goals for the year, is to exercise more. So far, so good. I don't exercise everyday but I'm getting there. I really love how it makes me feels afterwards.
This month, most of my faves that I'm about to share with you are mostly high-end products. No, I didn't win the lotto [I wish]. Pretty much they have all been on wish-list for a really long time and I thought that I deserved spoil myself hehehe. Without further ado, my first favourite of 2015 is...
Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist
VICTORIA'S SECRET Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist
This body mist smells so heavenly! The fruity and floral scent is right up my alley. It smells very sweet like candy. I love spraying it all over me and my room too. Other than not lasting very long like a perfume would, I adore this scent very much!
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (Custard)

This has been on top of my wish list for so long and it's finally mine. Hallelujah! This conceals my very expensive dark designer bags like a dream. The coverage is great. Like the name states, it's creamy and blends out nicely. I like that it doesn't creased on me, which is awesome. A lot of people have compared this to the' Maybelline Fit Me' concealer which I have tried [read review here], and I didn't like it because it creases on me. It last fairly well throughout the day. It's expensive but it's definitely worth it in my opinion. Panda eyes? Gone! 
MAC Blush in 'Style'
MAC Blush in 'Style'

Bow chicka wow wow! I've finally lost my MAC V-plate and it feels great. This blush is everything to me. I don't own any peachy blush like this in my collection. I had the sale assistant put this shade on one side of my face, and a more pinky shade blush on the other side. This peachy shade just compliments my olive skin very well and give it a very nice glow. A light hand is needed when using this and you can slowly build it up to your liking.
MAC Studio Fix Powder in 'NC37'
MAC Studio Fix Powder in 'NC37'

I also picked up a cult favourite of many beauty enthusiasts. I get the hype- this powder is flawless [except for the price tag]. It gives me extra coverage without making me look cakey. It helps set my foundation in place all day and eliminate any shine. This is great for people that have combination/oily skin like myself. Two big thumbs up!! 
I also want to make a cheeky purchase to get a MAC lippie, let me know what your number one MAC lipstick shade is in the comments. Thanks in advance!☺

ANASTASIA Brow Wiz in 'Ebony'
ANASTASIA Brow Wiz in 'Ebony'

Before using this baby, I used an eye brow pencil from 'Nude by Nature' and that doesn't even compare to this! I hated that I have to sharpen the pencil but with Brow Wiz, life got a little better and easier. It's super easy to use and staying power is excellent. I wore this to work then to a foam party and it didn't budge at all. It looks natural and not like your brow has been drawn on. LOVE! 

Revlon Colorburst balm Stain Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner
REVLON Colorburst Balm Stain (Honey)
RIMMEL Exaggerate Lip Liner (Eastend Snob)
I have loved 'Honey' for a really long time now, it's just a great everyday colour. I actually didn't own any lip liner before 'Eastend Snob' showed up. I wanted a nude lip liner that I can wear underneath lipsticks. I have Estee and Suzie from Hello October to thank for. 'Eastend Snob' is a matte neutral pink colour that complimets honey very well. I love how creamy and glides on the lips smoothly. Those two together is the perfect combo!

What are some of your January favourites?

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Today's post is going to be quite picture-heavy, I hope you don't mind. A photo says a thousand words after all. A few days ago, I visited the Jean Paul Gaultier's 'From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk' exhibition. One word- amazing! I was in awe by all of his creations and couldn't stop admiring every master piece. It was a great insight to learn how Gaultier's mind works and what has inspired him. There's no boundaries when it comes to JPG, he doesn't follow trends but rather create them and that's admirable. 
"Fashion is about what you look like, which translates to what you would like to be like."- Jean Paul Gaultier  

Before entering the JPG exhibition, I was greeted by Carsten Hรถller's Golden Mirror Carousel. It's just so beautiful to look at and you get a different perspective when you're sitting on it. Through the golden mirror reflection, it gives an illusion that it moves quickly like your usual merry-go- round. Instead, it is the opposite and it moves quite slowly to allow the subject to re-imagine the situation from a different environment.

As I entered the exhibition, the man himself was welcoming guests to his world. Not literally but close enough. The little girl in me would be freaked out by the talking mannequins once upon a time, but I thought it was a smart concept and I liked the interactive side of it. 
This gown was worn by Sarah- Jessica Parker!! 
Mohawks. Tartans. Union Jacks. JPG isn't afraid to hold back and take a risk. For this particular collection, he had elderly and children modeled for his work. I love the elements of punk and space.
A tribute to Amy Winehouse.
A beautiful collection showcasing JPG's influences, obsessions and passions such as the streets of Paris.
This was worn by Nicole Kidman. 
I really wish you could see this creation with your own eyes, it was beautiful! This was one of my favourite of his designs. 
Made famous by Madonna, JPG is well-know for his corsetry. 
Camouflaged to the wall..
David Shrigley's work ^

To sum up JPG's work is unique, provocative, dramatic, entertaining and daring. I love how he break down stereotypes and creates freedom. Kudos to you, JPG! Truly an inspiration. I recommend if you ever get the chance to visit his exhibition, definitely do so! 
What do you think of Gaultier's work?

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Hi lovely!

Today, I have a fun hair tutorial to share with you. I will be showing you how to curl your hair using a tool that you use daily- pens! Give this a go if you have some time to spare and if you have patience. Patience is the key! This is perfect for summer as it's doesn't require any heat. I despise using hot hair tools during summer. No, thank-you. No heat equals no damage. *Big tick of approval*.
Please note: You can try experimenting with markers instead of pens for looser curls. Preferably, if you have butterfly clips to use those but I improvised and used pegs. They did the trick too!
I started with freshly washed hair. If you are doing this on a second hair day, you can dampen your hair with the spray water bottle. You want your hair to be about 40% wet. 
Separate your hair into two sections.This will help make the curling process easier.
Working on the bottom section. Separate your hair into two sections again. Now using a pen, wrap your hair around it like you would on a curling iron. Then, hold the hair in place with a clip. Secure the pen on your head with bobby pins. Repeat the same process till all of your hair is curled.
Okay, don't be alarmed. You will look like a hot mess for a couple of hours. Hopefully, the postman doesn't turn up on your door step during this time...might get a little awkies. Good conversation started though, no? 
Time to play the waiting game. Give it about an hour, then feel if your hair is still wet. 

Once you hair has dried completely, carefully unravel the curls from the pens.
Voila!! A set of curls from using pens! 
To retain those curls throughout the day, use some hair spray and tease the roots for volume.
Like I mentioned before, you can experience with using a combination of markers and pens. I hope you enjoy this heat-less hair tutorial!
Will you be giving this a go? Tag me on instagram @yourstrulyny if you do and please pin this tutorial on Pinterest! 

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Hi beauties!
Today, I will be sharing my mascara routine with you all. Every now and then, I'd get compliments from strangers or even people I know of how I have nice nice eye lashes. They would questioned if I wear falsies and the answer is 'no'. I'm terrible at applying false eye lashes. I have quite a few pairs sitting in my drawers and I just ordered another pair recently. I figured the more I buy, the more it would force me to practice on applying them. Is that not a fair logic? haha. 
Anyway, this is a routine that works wonders for me and it doesn't require using a hair dryer cause ain't nobody got time for that! 

All you will need are your eye lash curler, your favourite mascara and another mascara that lengthens well. The mascara that i'm using, which is also my secret weapon is the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander. It is a fiber mascara, so it helps make my lashes look fuller. Also note that this is a waterproof mascara, so it will hold the curl well throughout the day. 
As you can see, I'm blessed with some short Asian lashes. My lashes are pretty straight and they grow downwards. 

First, I curl my lashes from the base then work my way up. Holding in place for 5 secs. 
Then, I apply a very light coat of mascara. You don't want to apply a lot of mascara, because it will get clumpy and the lashes will get stuck when you curl the lashes again.
Again, curl your lashes again to really lift them up. 
Now, you can apply a generous coat of mascara to you lashes.
My secret weapon. You can't really see in this photo, but it has little fibers on the wand. The fibers will stick to the lashes and make them look super long. I love the unique wand which is great for separating the lashes. 
Ta-da!! You can see a difference to my lashes.. They're a lot longer than before. I think they still look quite natural and not spidery looking even after a couple coat of mascara. 
I hope that this little technique is useful for you!
What's your current HG mascara?? 

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