WATER COLOUR NAIL ART| Collaboration with Christies' Take On Life


Today I have a fun little nail art to share with you all. This is a collaboration with the lovely, Christie from Christies' Take On Life. She will be showing you how to create the splatter manicure. Whereas, I will be showing you girlies how to achieve a fun and colourful, water colour nail art. I am currently obsessed with this particular nail art. It's so pretty to look at and it reminds me of the Paddle Pop rainbow ice-cream. The colour scheme I chose for this consists of pastel colours which is perfect for this Spring season. This design is super easy to do- you don't need to be Monet to be able to do this. Let's begin!


- Your choice of nail polishes (I recommend using maximum of four colours, otherwise it gets too much for the eye balls)
- White nail polish is a must
- Acetone is the secret ingredient for this nail art (If you don't have acetone, your nail polish remover will do the job too)
- A piece of aluminium foil to use as a palette for the nail polishes
- A small brush
- A nail polish remover cotton pad to clean the brush
- Top coat

1. Prep your nails. Remove any residue, file your nails, apply a base coat..you know the drill.

2. Apply an opaque coat of white nail polish. This will make the colours pop.

3. Now, dip your brush into the acetone/nail polish remover. Then dip it into your first nail polish colour.The acetone will thinned out the nail polish, which will make it more of the water colour consistency you are after. Brush on your first colour on all of your nails. When you're ready to apply the second colour, clean the brush on the nail polish remover cotton pad.

4.. Then repeat step three for the second colour but apply in a different direction (either horizontally or vertically). Be spontaneous with it.

5. Keep going until you're done with applying all of the colours. Feel free to go back with any colour for touch ups. 

6. Almost done! Just apply your favourite top coat over your nail art design. The top coat will blend all the colours together, which will help make it looking less streaky and adds a beautiful shine. 

Voila!! Your Monet inspired masterpiece is complete! 

Don't forget to check out Christies' take on this cool splatter nail art and show her some love while you're there!!☺

Will you give this water colour nail art a go? What colour scheme would you choose?
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Hello lovelies!

How are we in October already?! Say what?! I guess time flies when we are having fun ey? September was great as it was the start of Spring and I couldn't be happier! Today (5th of Oct) is the start daylight saving- meaning it won't get dark so early. Plus, extra daylight to take advantage of taking photos for ze blog [#bloggerprobs]. Woohoo!! Anyways, here are a few goody goody gum drops that I loved last month..

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer
THE BALM Mary-Lou Manizer
Yes, I caved and bought this gem and I have no regrets. This is my very first highlighter in my makeup collection. I have quite oily skin, so anything shimmery I usually stay away from. Ain't nobody wanna look like a disco ball, y'know? This is just such a gorgeous highlighter. I see beauty gurus on YouTube often use this in their tutorials and they always have such a glowy, healthy complexion. I want me some of that too. A little goes a long way with this [unless you want to look like a disco ball, then go ahead. All power to ya], so you are definitely getting your money worth with how much product you get. The product is finely milled and very pigmented. I've been using it to highlight my cheek bones and the inner corners of my eyes. I like that it's not overly shimmery, instead it leaves you with a pretty sheen on your skin. 

David Babaii Blow Out Rapid Blow Dry Spray
DAVID BABAII Blow Out Rapid Blow Dry Spray
I got this from Misstango2's recommendation and I have her to thank for because this stuff is the bomb. I have never heard of this brand prior to using it but I was intrigued by the concept of how it cuts down drying time while blow drying your hair. Cool huh?! Blow drying our manes can be a tedious task, so the fact that it speeds up drying time is a bonus. This products also acts as a heat protectant. The scent of this spray smells a bit like coconut and summery to me, which I quite like. I also noticed that it gives volume and shine to my hair, after blow drying. Have I sold you yet? I'd recommend you to give this a try.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara
MAYBELLINE Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara 
Okay, let me just say R.I.P to this Brow Mascara- you will be dearly missed. Whilst taking a photograph of this, it fell deep into the brushes and never to be seen again. Luckily it was very inexpensive, so I won't cry over it too much. If you're looking for a brow mascara that fills in your sparse brows, I don't feel like this brow mascara does the job. Thankfully I have quite good brows that doesn't need filling in too much. I used this in conjunction with my eye brow pencil and it worked well as a combo. I like that it held my brows in place and won't budge at all. Easy to use and great for value.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
REAL TECHNIQUES Expert Face Brush 
Yes, I'm super late to this whole RT Expert Face Brush hype. Boy oh boy, I had been missing out! This baby feels soft and dense on the skin.  It applies foundation like an absolute dream. It buffs the foundation into the skin really well, which leaves your skin looking [yes it's hard to believe, but it's true] flawless. If you don't own this yet, what are you waiting for? The hype is still continuing..

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil
SANCTUARY SPA Covent Garden Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil 
One of the best discovered products of 2014 for sure and that's saying a lot. I'm so glad that I didn't purchase the Benefit Makeup Remover, because this stuff thoroughly remove every trace of makeup, even the Benefit Push Up liner and mascara. I use this whilst I'm in the shower, before wetting my face I use one pump of this for my entire face then adding water to emulsify it. You'd think that it would leave you feeling like a grease ball, but it doesn't! After washing it off, my skin feels super clean and moisturized. I purchased this from Priceline and it isn't too pricey compared to the other Cleansing Oil that is out on the market. Do check it out!

What are some of your favourites of September? Let me know!☺
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