Hello stunners! Today's post will be on the sixth topic of the 2014 Blogger Challenge, which is all about food. When I received the e-mail from Gaby of Another Girly Blog, I struggled to come up with ideas regarding food that suited the style of my blog. I thought about telling you all my list of favourite food, but let be honest.. who cares? Plus it's a never ending list... I loveee food but I can't cook..Probably a good reason why I don't have a boyfriend. Anyways, I thought long and hard about it and decided to share with you lovelies some easy recipes for a healthy, glowing skin.

  I used to (I still do occasionally) use these recipes when I was in high school- back when I was poor to buy any good quality skincare products. What I love about these recipes, is the fact that they are affordable [ingredients that are most likely found in your pantry or fridge], easy peasy to whip up and best of all, it's 100% natural! Now that I got your attention, let's jump into recipe number one:


Here's a question for ya..which came first? Chicken or egg? Okay..don't answer that. Eggs are not only a good source of protein but they are great for your skin as well. The egg white is perfect for people with oily skin. It helps brighten and tighten the skin. On the other hand, the egg yolks are so good and rich for your skin because they are loaded with Vitamin A, protein and nutrients!

For dry skin:
Use the egg-yolk because they're a natural moisturiser for the skin. You want to beat the egg-yolk lightly and apply it using a cotton wool. 

For oily skin:
Whip baby whip the egg white till it becomes frothy! For oily skin people, you can also try using oatmeal mixed to a paste with water. This will help tightens oily skin dramatically. Tighter skin means smaller your pores will be!

For combination skin:
For combo skin peeps, use the yolk on the dry areas of your skin and the egg white on the oily panel AKA your T-zone.

After you have applied your egg mask, allow it to dry for at least 20 minutes. You will know your mask is dry when it feels like you have gotten a botox and you can't smile. Then, rinse off and apply your moisturiser. If you have some leftover egg.. simply make scramble egg☺ 


As a proud Asian that I am, I love me some rice. I eat rice at least once a day if not more. Don't judge me.. All you have to do is, cook your rice and then put it all over your face and there you have it! JUST KIDDING! Don't do that.. Back in the day, Asian women use this simple recipe to achieve healthy, glowing skin. 
To start, you will need rice [duhh! but make sure it's organic and it doesn't matter what type of rice it is], room temperature water, a bowl, and a small container to store your rice toner.
Put a decent amount of rice into your bowl and fill it up with water. make sure you leave an inch of water above the rice. Then stir baby stir! You will see that the water become super cloudy. Then separate the water from the rice. Store the water into a container. 
Ta- da! Now you have your own rice toner. Apply it with a cotton pad. Swipe it all over your skin. After that, you will find all the nasty sebum and oil on your cotton pad. This toner is especially great for people with oily skin. This will leave you feeling refresh ☺ 


Okay if you know me, you will know that I am the biggest tea lover ever! I love trying all kinds of tea but I always make sure I drink a cup of green tea a day regularly. Green tea is not only a great source of antioxidants, but it also has loads of great health benefits such as; lowering the risk of diseases and help with weight loss. As for the skin, green tea is said to help with wrinkles and sign of aging. Bottom line: green tea is the bomb dot com! 
To make the scrub, you will need to brew the tea and then let it cool down.
Open the tea bag and put the tea leaves into a small bowl.
Next, put in a table spoon of honey and mix well. Honey is great for acne treatment and prevention. It is also moisturising and soothing for the skin, giving your skin the glow.
Then, it's time to apply the scrub onto your skin. The tea leaves is the exfoliant. Be gentle and use a circular motion to exfoliate. 
  With the green tea and honey, you can also add rice flour which is amazing for fading acne scars. After mixing the tea and the honey together, just add some rice flour and turn it into a paste. 
After that, make sure to rinse off and apply your favourite moisturiser. 

There you have it! Three easy peasy recipes for your skin. I hope this was helpful for you all.



  1. Wow! These all sound amazing! I really love that you turned your good post into beauty recipes! I definitely want to try that rice toner and the green tea scrub. Thanks for sharing girl this post was great!

    1. Opps I mean food post into beauty recipes LOL!

    2. Thank you so much, lovely! Glad you liked it and found it helpful :)

  2. I'm not even sure what skin type I am! It seems to change day by day... so I'm just going to give all of these a try ;D lol. Thanks!

    <3 Carsla
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    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  3. Wow!!! Great DIY tips friend! Being an Asian myself, I have not heard of the rice toner (how embarrassing is that) but I do eat rice every single day though, I can never go without rice in a day. Now I definitely need to try it out as I have oily skin. Thanks for sharing this.
    Hugs and love
    Sincerely Renny


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