5 Outfits with Laura! #featureafriend

Boohoo.com competition!

Hey everyone! Today I have a special guest on my blog featuring one of my best friend, Laura. I thought it would be fun to share with you guys Laura's fashion style as you guys know how I like to dress. I always find it interesting seeing how people dress to reflect their personality and character. I love the way Laura dress to suit her body shape which is different to mine. Laura's style is quite unique and individual. She loves quirky little things and patterns. She basically just rock whatever she wears and that red lippy!

Tunic top- Dotti
Jeans- KMART
Jewelry- Colette
Ring- Ishka
Shoes- KMART

Like I mentioned before, Laura do love her patterns. This shows her artistic side as she's a visual arts student. I love how this top is loose fitting but wearing a thin belt helps accentuate her figure nicely. This top paired with a nice fitted jeans is perfect for a casual night out.

Top- Temt
Jeans- KMART
Bangles- Colette
Ring- From Bali
Shoes- KMART

Here with the same jeans but different top, you can see this outfit is a little more feminine and girly. Of course, beautiful print on the top but I love the peekaboo sleeves. This top has elastic just under the bust area to cinched in the body. Paired with a cute sandals for a lunch date with the girlfriends.

Shirt- Jay Jays
Maxi Skirt- Sunny Girl
Bracelet- Ishka
Belt- Vintage
Necklace- Koru symbol in NZ, meaning new life, new beginnings
Bag- From Timor Leste
Shoes- Famous Footwear

I love this outfit on Laura as I think she pulls it off so well. The maxi skirt is very flattering on her and a nice touch with the belt. A simple shirt for that simple, casual look.

Shirt- Cotton On
 Skirt- KMART
Belt- Cotton On
Singlet- KMART
Boots- KMART

Here Laura is looking very chic and professional. This is the ideal outfit that Laura would wear to her placements at the school. I love the black and white combination with that metallic gold belt. You can't see it on the photos but the blouse has little black polka dots on it. The blouse that is loose fitted is a great contrast with the pencil skirt. To finish off the look, a classic pair of boots is the way to go rather than heels.

Dress- Portmans
Jewelry- Colette
Shoes- Famous Footwear

I saved the best till last... look at this beauty! Doesn't she looks stunning in this blue gown?! I think blue looks great on Laura and really brings out her complexion. For Laura's figure, a loose fitted long dress is perfect. I love the chiffon material which makes the dress very flowy. Blue dress, blue heels, gold jewelry and a pop of red lips.. Laura, I applaud you! 


Q: Describe your style in three words.
A: Conservative- I don't like showing too much skin. Artistic- lots of patterns. Flowy- clothing that isn't tight fitted. 

Q: Do you plan the night before what you would wear? 
A: Yes, especially now that I'm back at Uni I don't have time on the day to figure out what to wear. I usually look at the weather report then look at my clothes and stand there about half an hour to see what I'm going to wear.

Q: What is a trend that you dislike?
A: Those sandals that everyone wears- I feel like there were those shoes I wore when I was in prep. No, I'm not a fan of those Jellies.

Q: What colors do you usually like to in cooperate into your outfits?
A: Blue, brown? I wear quite a lot of dark grenny colors. If I was to wear something bright, I would paired it with a darker color. I do like patterns, quite a lot of patterns on my outfits.

Q: What part of your body do you like to accentuate or hide?
A: I don't like my arms. I feel like they're big and masculine because I done quite a lot of swimming. I usually wear something that covers my shoulders. 

That's it lovelies! I hope you enjoy this different type of post and a massive thank-you to Laura for allowing me to feature you on my blog. Also, thank-you to Karl from Boohoo for contacting about this fun competition. 
Which outfits do you like?

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My Go-To Fall Makeup Look| Collaboration with Stephanie from The BestIn Beauty

Hello dearies! It has been quite a while since I last did a collab. So when the lovely Stephanie, blogger of The Best In Beauty contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing a collab with her, I was pretty happy to. Steph's blog is relatively new but for being only 16 years of age, I'm in no doubt that her blog will continue to grow and become a huge success if she keep doing her thang. Steph loves all things beauty related which is evident in her blog posts. Head over to her blog and learn a few beauty tips and tricks. Go and send some virtual love and nice comment to her! 
Alrighty, on my blog today I'll be showing you guys my go-to fall makeup look. On Steph's blog, she'll be showing you guys how to achieve a pretty Spring inspired makeup look. Even though I've titled this my Fall makeup look, I still think this look is perfect for any seasons/occasions. 

In this look, I've created a neutral smokey eyes. I'm a neutral makeup kind of gal but now that Fall is here, I thought I would deepen my makeup a little without using black which can be quite harsh for day time. 

I usually do my base first then work on my eyes. What about you girlies? So once I have done the base of my face, it's time to work on the eyes..

As the base shadow for my eyes, I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt which is a light pink champagne color. I use this to brighten us my eyes a little and I love the creamy consistency of this pencil- perfect for on the go.
Then, I use another eye shadow pencil. This time, it's Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Melted Caramel (340), which is a nice taupe color. I used this on the lids to the crease and then blended the two colors. 
To deepen the crease to give the eyes some dimension, I used the darkest matte plum color in the Estee Lauder's Berry Quartz. I applied this color on the outer "V" and blend away. I also put this along my bottom lash line to even out the eyes.
To add a little Autumn touch to the eyes, I added a copper shimmery shadow on the center of my eye lids.
Last but not least, I highlighted the inner corners of my eyes as well as my brow bone with the Maybelline's snow white eyeshadow. However, sometimes I use Yogurt to highlight my inner corners as well. Depends on my mood really.

For Fall, it's all about the dark plum or wine reds on the lips and here, I'm spotting Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten.

And here's the final product!..

There- my go-to Fall makeup look! Would you spot this look? Let me know what you think down below. Be sure to head other to Stephanie's blog HERE to check out her Spring inspired makeup look!

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Hello stunners! Today's post will be on the sixth topic of the 2014 Blogger Challenge, which is all about food. When I received the e-mail from Gaby of Another Girly Blog, I struggled to come up with ideas regarding food that suited the style of my blog. I thought about telling you all my list of favourite food, but let be honest.. who cares? Plus it's a never ending list... I loveee food but I can't cook..Probably a good reason why I don't have a boyfriend. Anyways, I thought long and hard about it and decided to share with you lovelies some easy recipes for a healthy, glowing skin.

  I used to (I still do occasionally) use these recipes when I was in high school- back when I was poor to buy any good quality skincare products. What I love about these recipes, is the fact that they are affordable [ingredients that are most likely found in your pantry or fridge], easy peasy to whip up and best of all, it's 100% natural! Now that I got your attention, let's jump into recipe number one:


Here's a question for ya..which came first? Chicken or egg? Okay..don't answer that. Eggs are not only a good source of protein but they are great for your skin as well. The egg white is perfect for people with oily skin. It helps brighten and tighten the skin. On the other hand, the egg yolks are so good and rich for your skin because they are loaded with Vitamin A, protein and nutrients!

For dry skin:
Use the egg-yolk because they're a natural moisturiser for the skin. You want to beat the egg-yolk lightly and apply it using a cotton wool. 

For oily skin:
Whip baby whip the egg white till it becomes frothy! For oily skin people, you can also try using oatmeal mixed to a paste with water. This will help tightens oily skin dramatically. Tighter skin means smaller your pores will be!

For combination skin:
For combo skin peeps, use the yolk on the dry areas of your skin and the egg white on the oily panel AKA your T-zone.

After you have applied your egg mask, allow it to dry for at least 20 minutes. You will know your mask is dry when it feels like you have gotten a botox and you can't smile. Then, rinse off and apply your moisturiser. If you have some leftover egg.. simply make scramble egg☺ 


As a proud Asian that I am, I love me some rice. I eat rice at least once a day if not more. Don't judge me.. All you have to do is, cook your rice and then put it all over your face and there you have it! JUST KIDDING! Don't do that.. Back in the day, Asian women use this simple recipe to achieve healthy, glowing skin. 
To start, you will need rice [duhh! but make sure it's organic and it doesn't matter what type of rice it is], room temperature water, a bowl, and a small container to store your rice toner.
Put a decent amount of rice into your bowl and fill it up with water. make sure you leave an inch of water above the rice. Then stir baby stir! You will see that the water become super cloudy. Then separate the water from the rice. Store the water into a container. 
Ta- da! Now you have your own rice toner. Apply it with a cotton pad. Swipe it all over your skin. After that, you will find all the nasty sebum and oil on your cotton pad. This toner is especially great for people with oily skin. This will leave you feeling refresh ☺ 


Okay if you know me, you will know that I am the biggest tea lover ever! I love trying all kinds of tea but I always make sure I drink a cup of green tea a day regularly. Green tea is not only a great source of antioxidants, but it also has loads of great health benefits such as; lowering the risk of diseases and help with weight loss. As for the skin, green tea is said to help with wrinkles and sign of aging. Bottom line: green tea is the bomb dot com! 
To make the scrub, you will need to brew the tea and then let it cool down.
Open the tea bag and put the tea leaves into a small bowl.
Next, put in a table spoon of honey and mix well. Honey is great for acne treatment and prevention. It is also moisturising and soothing for the skin, giving your skin the glow.
Then, it's time to apply the scrub onto your skin. The tea leaves is the exfoliant. Be gentle and use a circular motion to exfoliate. 
  With the green tea and honey, you can also add rice flour which is amazing for fading acne scars. After mixing the tea and the honey together, just add some rice flour and turn it into a paste. 
After that, make sure to rinse off and apply your favourite moisturiser. 

There you have it! Three easy peasy recipes for your skin. I hope this was helpful for you all.

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WHAT TO WEAR?!- Little Black Dress

Helloo lovelies! Do you ever look in your wardrobe and have a DQ [drama queen] moment when you don't know what to wear? You keep using the same old excuse that you don't have enough clothes. You are not alone, that happens to me ALL the time! Like the other day, I had no idea what to wear to uni.. Today, I will be showing you how to dress from the basics you have in your closet. This is great to transition your Summer wardrobe into fall appropriate looks. Let's start with a basic piece that every girl should have in their wardrobe- a little black dress AKA LBD.

Here I am wearing a LBD with cut outs on either side of the dress, exposing some epidermis [Oooh la la!]. This is a great party dress but for Uni? Maybe not so appropriate. It's absolutely freezing in the morning. Trust me having to wake up at 5am in the morning, I know. I want to be cosy and warm. However I also know that when it's noon, it gets quite hot. So we want that balance to find something that is suitable to wear for that type of weather. 

Cardigan as an outerwear is the way to go. It's lightweight but it'll still cover you up to keep you semi warm. Wearing a cardigan with a dress can make you loose your shape and figure. To bring those curves back, you know what to do next, right?

Bingooo! A belt is your best friend in this situation. Placing a belt on your waist over your dress and cardi, will help cinch in your waist. Thus, giving you a better silhouette and figure.

To accessorize a little and also to keep me snug and warm, I added a grey knitted infinity scarf. 


 TAA DAA! This is the completed look. I added a pair of patterned tights and some black wedges booties. The black on black with the tights and booties will give the illusion of longer legs. C'mon! Who doesn't want to have model legs?! I also really like the black and grey color combination. It's a classic. 

So when you are figuring out what to wear next time, try to start with a basic piece. Then layer up!
Let me know what you think of this post. 
Stay beautiful☺ 

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Hey everyone! February is long gone. It was a short month but I certainly made the most of every day, as it was the last month of Summer and my holiday. March is here now, which means I'm back at Uni. Definitely no mucking around when you're in Uni. First week back and we are already down to business. I'm trying to figure out a schedule that works for me, so please bare with me guys!☺ Anyhow, let's get started with what I loved in the month of February!..

Eco Tools Powder Brush
ECO TOOLS Large Powder Brush 

I have quite a few Eco Tools brushes and I'm yet to be disappointed. This brush feels so incredibly soft on my skin and apply powder well. I've washed the brush a few times and have not experience any shedding of the bristles. I would definitely recommend getting this brush- if you're looking for a decent powder brush that is very affordable.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade
REVLON COLORBURST Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade

Can I just start by saying how freakin' pretty this shade of the lip butter is?! It's gorgeous! The name also makes it even more appealing. Pink Lemonade is a sheer pale pink color with a luminous sheen finish. To me, I think this is the perfect nude shade. It lightens your natural lip color but it's not going to completely washed you out, and make you look like you're ill. The color itself, is very girly, feminine, romantic and everything in between. I love the consistency of the lip butters, which reminds me of a lip balm. They're super easy to apply. However, I find that you'll have to reapply after a few hours- which is no biggie. It's one of those shades that you can apply with your eyes closed. Love, love, love it!

Maybelline Mono Eye shadow in Snow White
MAYBELLINE EYESTUDIO Mono Eye-shadow in 01 Snow White
I absolutely loved using this on my inner corners of my eyes and under my brow bone to highlight them! It just make my eyes look super pretty. The little shimmers will also help make your eyes look bigger and brighter. It's super pigmented and doesn't feel chalky at all- just one swipe is all you'll need. It lasts for a long time too, which is a bonus. If I have to be critical,  I'd say that the plastic packaging isn't the best. Sometimes, it can get a little messy when opening it. Overall, great shadow!

Rose Gold Bar Necklace from Etsy 
SW Samantha Wills Rose Gold Dream Necklace

I'm all about dainty necklaces and rose gold. Those two together is just the perfect combo. I saw that Kacey from Sparkliebarbiexo on YT always wear a silver bar necklace and thought it looked so pretty and unique. So, I went onto Etsy and searched 'bar necklace', and this particular rose gold necklace caught my eyes. I LOVE it. The Dream necklace was bought from Samantha Wills. Being the dreamer that I am, this had my name written all over it. By the way if you don't know who she is, you are missing out big time. She's a well known Australian/International jewelry designer which quite a few celebrities have worn at the red carpet events. Her jewelry is so well designed and absolutely enchanting. I was contemplating whether to buy it or not and then when I went back onto her website, it was gone! I was quite upset at myself that I didn't buy it then haha. So, of course I emailed the customer care team and they told me I was still able to purchase it. It arrived within two days! It was so well packaged with the perfectly caved wooden box for storage. I love wearing the necklaces on their own or layering the two together. It's subtle and simple, which is how I like it.

xomisse |photo courtesy of xomisse.com

You may or may not notice that my blog had undergone a minor plastic surgery. Designing a blog is not as easy as you may think. It took me forever to get to where it is looking now and there's still little tweaks that I need to fix. Thank goodness for Ellie from xomisse. Her blog is the ultimate bible for bloggers. It has great tips from HTML codes and SEO tips to blogging tips and tutorials, which is very beneficial for bloggers. I have quite a few questions for her when I was designing my blog and Ellie was so nice to help me out. She's super lovely! So please send some love over to her and check out her blog. Thanks a bunch Ellie for all of your help!

Lenka- The Show

My cousins actually reintroduced me to this song. It came out a few years ago and you might have heard it in the movie,"Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snoggin'." It is such a cute and catchy song!

John Legend- All of Me

Oh John Legend, you are a legend! I absolutely love this song. The perfect piano playing and the perfect lyrics. How can't you not love it?!

That's it for my February Favourites! What are some of your favourites? Also, let me know what you think of my new layout. Would love to hear some feedback.☺

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