Helloo everyone! Did you survive Mondayitis? I actually don't mind Mondays as they mark the beginning of a whole new week of opportunity. Live it! So, I wanted to share an event I went to yesterday- that was called the Supergraph. Supergraph is Australia's Contemporary Graphic Art Fair that celebrates design, print and illustration. In case you didn't know, I'm very passionate with not only fashion but also art and fashion illustration. The most exciting part of the event for me was participating the masterclass with the lovely and talented, Kelly Thompson that was presented by the Jacky Winter Group.
Kelly is a very well known New Zealand fashion illustrator and she's currently based in Melbourne. Her work include: Escada, the London Sunday Times, Covergirl and many more.

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I've always admired her work and I love the style of her work. I've followed Kelly on instagram for years now, and to see her in real-life talking about her work was quite exciting. You can really feel the passion that Kelly has for her work by the way she spoke. She went through the process of her illustration [referencing, sketching, scanning..] and how she colored her work in Photoshop. It was very useful and informative. Even though the class went for only an hour, it really inspires and motivate me to get better and better with my own work. Thanks Kellly!

Kelly and I! ☺

My day through these photos....

Megan Hess' Illustrations!

It was great to see other artist's work in the reality and especially those whose work I've admired through instagram.

A couple of cute prints I purchased from Paula Mills from Sweet William. You know me and my tea addiction..

Chilling at the park and even witnessed a wedding!

Went to N2 Extreme Gelato in Brunswick for some delicious Nitrogen Gelato! I got Tira-Miss-You which was coffee custard gelato with a layer of tea soaked sponge, finished with a coffee mascarpone swirl and flaky chocolate. Hmmm..yum! 

Overall, was a good day at the Supergraph with my cousin! See you again next year!



  1. Lovely post! That envent looks super fun! I really love the where there is tea there is hope print you bought!!!

    1. Thanks girl! I can't wait to frame it :)


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