Hey pretties! Today, I will be showing you 4 easy and fun hairstyles you can rock for school, work or a casual day out. Back in high school, I wore slightly different hairstyles everyday. My school had an uniform policy. So when it comes to fashion side of things, I didn't need to make an effort. I like to be a little more creative with my hair than just putting it in a regular, boring ponytail. I wanted to be a little bit more unique and different from everyone else. We all love to sleep in, right? At least, I do. So these hairstyles definitely comes in handy when I'm running late. There are easy to whip up but you'll also look cute. Without further ado, here's the first hairstyle..

 I like a good 'twist'

Basically breaking it down, you have two twists- one on each side and a messy bun in the back. 
You want to start by having a middle part. 
Then with one side, grab two pieces of hair that is closest to the front. 
Twist/cross the two pieces of hair over one another.
Now, you want to add some hair to the strand that is on the outer side. (Add hair to the right strand on the right section, and add hair to the left strand if you're twisting the left side of your hair.)
Keep doing this till you get to the back and pin it in place.
Once you have two twists on both sides, you want to gather the rest of your hair and put it in a messy bun and secure in place.
Voila! I often get questioned on how I do the twists because it looks complicated. Try it on yourself and you will see how easy it is. I find it easier and faster than braiding my hair. 

Braids for Dayz

This time, you want to have a side part instead. 
There are going to be three braid for this hairstyle. However, you can choose to stop and have the rest of your hair out, after the second braid. Your end result should look like the first image, which I think looks quite pretty like that.
Okay, you want to start french braiding. French braiding is regular plaiting but you're going to add hair as you go along and you're going to cross the hair over the middle instead of under. Try not to make it too tight. 
You want to make sure you add the hair that is right under the braid instead of following your hair line.
Before securing it in place, you want to loosen the braid. Just use your fingers to pull out the braid a little. This will make the braid really flat and big.
Now with the hair that is underneath your braid, you want to just do a regular braid.
Pin it in place.
For the rest of the hair, I just braided it. You can choose to leave it out or regular braid it for a more casual look. 

The Studious Girl

This hairstyle look more polished and neat.
You want to create a little hair bouffant to add some volume.
Then, do a half-up, half-down.
Now, you want to turn your half ponytail upside-down. Simply create a hole and loop the ponytail through the hole. This will create a nice little effect.
With the rest of your hair, fish braid it girlll.
Split your hair into two sections. Then, add a little piece of hair from the left side to the right and vice versa.
If you find the fish tail braid a little difficult to tackle, a regular braid is fine too. ☺

Top knot bun is so last year...

This is my favourite hairstyle out of the four. It's a little bit more unique looking that your average top knot/ballerina bun.
You want to start with a side part, gather all your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie.
Now comes the tricky part of explaining..you want to hold your ponytail upwards.
Then, wrap the ponytail around your hands. So you should have something that looks a little like a tunnel.
Secure the base well.
Here comes the fun part. Fan out your bun. The bigger the betta!
Use a few bobbi pins to hold the bun in place.
Hairspray your do' like you're attacking a fly! [We don't want any flyaways..no pun intended]

Alrighty! I hope you girls enjoyed this little hair tutorial. These hairstyles are perfect to have all of your hair out of your face. I hope the instructions were easy to follow. Let me know which is your favourite hairstyle.



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    1. Thanks Heather! Glad you like them :)

  2. Love these hairstyle girl! Great post :) xo I am loving braidz 4 dayz ;) and the last one!!

    1. Yayy! Thanks Twinny! Send me a pic if you try them out :)

  3. Those are all lovely! I think simple hairstyles are the way to go because most of the time it looks like you put a lot of effort into it when you didn't!! Great post dear :)

    1. Exactly right! Perfect for those days when you want to sleep in hehe. Thanks lovely! :)

  4. How cute! Love all of these hairstyles! :)

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you like them :)

  5. This post is making me miss my long hair! It can't grow out fast enough! Great hairstyles! I practically live in a high bun, but can't seen to master it with the donut, or sock. I need to go watch your tutorial!
    Easy Hair Styles

    1. Thank goodness for extensions haha. Thank you so much! You have some amazing hairstyles over on your blog! I'm pretty much an amateur haha. :P

  6. I love these hairstyles! They look beautiful on you! I especially love the last one. I love high buns! x x

    1. Yayy! Glad you liked them! Thanks a bunch, lovely! :)


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