OOTD and FOTD: Casual Movie Date

Hello, hello, hello! Yesterday, I went on a movie date with a friend to watch Wolf of Wall Street. I've heard a lot of people raved about the movie and I was itching to see what the talk was all about. Also helloo, three hours of Leo DiCaprio... um yes please!! 
I liked the movie but I didn't loved it. It made me laugh and it most definitely made me cringed quite a few times too. It's definitely not a kids friendly movie. There were drugs, sex, nudity, swearing.. If you're underage, I don't recommend watching it but if your parents would take you to watch it...just prepare for some awkwardness at some scenes. If you have seen the movie, you catch my drift right? *winky face* 
One of my pet peeves is excessive swearing and boy oh boy! Every second word coming out of someone's mouth in the movie was the F-bomb. I don't know how I survived the whole three hours of that but I did. The movie overall was good. The actors did an amazing job, especially DiCaprio. You will see different sides of Leo like you've never seen before. He deserves an Oscar for this. Just sayin'.

Peplum Top- Valley Girl
Shorts- Dotti
Shoes- Vincci
Jewellery- Colette
Bag- bought from Taiwan
Nail polish- Rimmel’s I ♥ Fruities Lasting Finish (025 Strawberry Fizz) and T.B.N (Pewter)

I kept my outfit pretty simple as we were just going to the movies, nothing fancy. I really love the peplum top that I wore for the very first time [I didn't try it on when I bought it..I can be an impulse buyer sometimes]. Luckily it fits and I just love the bright colourful floral print and the lace detailing. As the top is bright and bold, I kept the rest of my outfit pretty simple and neutral. I wanted the main focus to be on the top.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Primer
Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pore Minimizer and Mattifier
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Concealer (Fair)
Clinique Stay Matte Oil-free Makeup (09 Neutral)
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (Beige)
Rimmel Natural Bronzer (022 Sun Bronze)
Canmake Cheek & Cheek (05 Sweet Apricot)
Maybelline Eye Shadow Quad (Designer Chocolates)
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (611 Yogurt)
Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner (Charcoal)
Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo
Nude by Nature Natural Brow Pencil (Brunette)
Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lipstick (#16)
Australis Make-Up Finishing Spritz

Have a fabulous day everyone!☺

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My Skincare Routine!

Hey everyone! Today I'll be sharing my skincare routine, which is the second topic for the 2014 Blogger Challenge. I don't really have a strict skincare routine. I'm yet to find my holy grail products that does wonders to my skin. If I run out of a certain product, I'd usually just purchase something else. So, my skincare routine changes quite frequently. Anyhow, this is my current skincare routine and products that I've been using. 

♥Wakey wakey! MORNING TIME♥

Left to right : ORGANI Organic Firming Serum, NEUTROGENA Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub, AVEENO Positively Radiant Daily Moisturiser, CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

First thing I do after I've brushed my teeth, is splash some cold water on my face. This is not only going to wake me right up but also helps with detoxified my skin. After that, I use the foaming scrub to exfoliate my skin. Exfoliating helps with getting rid of all the dead skin cells. I like this product because the micro beads helps massage my face and regulate blood circulation. It has a slight tingling cool feeling which I like and makes me think that the product is working on my skin. Then, I dry my face and put on the serum. Not many people do this step, especially if you're young. It doesn't hurt to start early. Serum has so many benefits such as, restoring moisture and tightening up your pores. After applying the serum, it's time to moisturise! I switch between the Clinique and Aveeno moisturiser, depending what i'm doing that day. The Clinique moisturiser doesn't have any SPF in it, so if I'm going to be outdoor for majority of the day, I'd use the Aveeno daily moisturiser. 

♥Nighty NIGHT!♥

After a day of wearing makeup [if i'm wearing makeup on the day], I will first use a facial wipes. This will help get rid of the oil, dirt and makeup off my face, before I give my face a good clean. 

Olay Regenerist Cleansing System
I'd use my Olay Regenerist Cleansing System 2-3 times a week [see my review HERE], when I'm in the shower. It's great to completely cleanse my face. On those days that I don't use the cleansing system, I'd just use the Olay cream cleanser on its own.

Skin care, beauty
Left to Right : ORGANI Organic Firming Serum, BIODERMA Crealine H2O, NEUTROGENA Oil- Free Eye Makeup Remover, NIVEA Pure and Natural Night Cream, GANIER Eye Cream

For the night time, I use the serum again then I put the Bioderma on a cotton pad and swipe it all over onto my face. I've only recently bought this and I totally understand why people raved on and on about this baby. You will be surprise to see what is still left on my skin after I've cleanse my face [two thumbs up for this miracle product]! I then use the Neutrogena eye makeup remove which does an amazing job with removing my waterproof mascara. After all that is done, I apply the Nivea night cream onto my skin. This stuff smells really nice and keep my face moisturized while I sleep like a sleeping beauty  pig. Last but not least, I use an eye cream to treat my designer bags A.K.A my panda eyes. 

The Body Shop Body Butter, Sorbelene Cream
As for my body, I swear by the Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser. I've use this ever since I was in primary school. It does an amazing job at keeping my skin hydrated and silky smooth. This product is great for people that have sensitive skin and it is fragrance free as well. So, if i'm going out somewhere and I want to smell extra appealing, I slap on the Body Shop Mango body butter onto my body. It smells so divine! I love mango O so much and I like to smell like it too. It's the perfect scent for this summer. 

Face Mask
Once a week, I like to pamper myself. One of the things I do is put a face mask on while relaxing. Sheet masks are super convenient and is mess free. I've been loving the Skinvitals H-Revive Mask. After using it, I've noticed that my skin is super hydrated and leave my skin looking glowy. That, I like.☺

Let me know what your holy grail skincare products are. I'd love to know and try out new products! 

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Helloo pretty people! I've been a busy worker bee lately, working most days during the week of this summer holidays. By no means am I complaining at all. I enjoy working and love it even more when I get the mullah ($$$) at the end of the week [oooh yeah! It's pay day today!!]. I finally got a couple of days off to relax and catch up with my favourite people. 
I hung out with my cousin [which rarely happens], so it was nice to catch up with her. We did a little photo shoot. She was so excited to be using my camera and taking snaps. Ahh I definitely enjoy having someone there taking pictures of my outfit. It's so much easier than doing it by yourself! Anyways, all the photographs that i'm about to show you in this post, is all credit to my gorgeous cousin.
We also planned to watch 'Frozen' that night but that didn't happen. We got the times mixed up..so we watched 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' instead. It wasn't as thrilling as I thought it would be but it was still enjoyable to watch overall. Definitely a good family movie to watch. I also watched 'The Book Thief', which had to be the most depressing film I've ever watched. I shed a few tears, but my friend was bawling her eyes out next to me. I personally like films that have a happy ending, and that film to me, doesn't have a happy ending..Anyways, here's my outfit..


Ballet Flats

Playsuit- Boohoo.com
Flats- Vincci
Necklace - Lovisa
Bracelet- Colette
Rings- Boutiques
Nail Polish- Revlon ‘Blue Lagoon’
Earrings- Hoskings
Sunnies- Portmans
Watch- Bonia

I loveee this playsuit not only because it has hearts all on it, but it's super comfortable to wear. The material is super light-weight, so it's perfect for the warmer weather. It's super easy to get it on and off, so going to the toilet is not going to be a problem at all. I went with the gold jewellery to match the buckle details on my flats.

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DIY: From 1 Fancy Dress to 4 Everyday Wearable Outfits!

Hello pretties! Are you like me and have a fancy dress or two that you've only worn a couple of times, and is just sitting in your wardrobe now? Well, it's time to give them some love and transform that dress into a cute top that you can wear for any occasions. 


I've only worn this dress a couple of times. I particularly bought this dress for my 18th birthday. It's super pretty- I like the blushy-pink color with the little bow,the sweetheart neckline and how "princess-like" the dress was. Sadly, it has just been chilling in my wardrobe, not getting any love from me.Until now..

To make the new top look more simpler, I took out all the diamante off the dress. Eliminating the embellishments on the dress will tone down extravagance of the dress and make it look more casual. This is what we want to achieve.

Next, I removed the tulle netting contrast lining from underneath the dress. The tulle was to give the dress more volume and make it more puffier. Since I am making a top, this won't be necessary.

Then is time to cut, cut and CUT. Measure the length you want your top to be (make sure you leave at least 2cm longer for the hem). I went with a few inches below the zipper on the side. You can cut straight across but I cut it in a way to make the hem look asymmetrical- front shorter and the back is longer. 
You will then need to sealed in the hem by either hand stitching it, machine sew or take the easier route- use a fabric glue [even though, this can be tedious work]. If you choose to use fabric glue, make sure you allow it to dry for 24 hours before wearing it out. 
Voila! Now you are the proud owner of a new top that you have transformed from a dress!

I will now show you the different ways I chose to style this!☺

Classy and Feminine

I paired the top with a pencil to give that professional, classy look. This is perfect for those nights at the bar or a girls' night out on the town. Wear a nice pair of heels or pumps and you will be conquering the world. 

Short[s] and Sweet

For those days when the weather is warm or when you have a cute picnic with your guy, this outfit is for you. I paired it with some shorts and a denim vest. I think the vest gives the outfit more structure and makes the top look likes it's a peplum top. Wear a pair of flats to stay comfy.

Easy yet Sassy

This is a simple outfit to put together. You can't go wrong with a pair of well fitted jeans and riding boots. Perfect for those days, when you're out doing errands or shopping with your besties. The boots makes the outfit look more sophisticated while you still look girly and sassy with the top.

Casual Chic 

This is my favorite way to pair this top out of the four looks. Boyfriend jeans are trendy at the moment and usually people just pair it with a plain shirt. The jeans can make you look somewhat a little tom boyish but then bam! You're a girl again by wearing a cute top and pairing it with some snazzy wedges.

There we have it ladies. I hope to have inspired you to look at your dresses that you haven't worn in awhile and turn it into something better, that you can wear for different occasions. Be spontaneous, be creative!☺

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