Hey everyone! October has just ended and we are now living in the month of November. Not long to go till Christmas! Weeeee!☺October was a good month for me in which I have finished uni for the year. Woohoo!! I'm definitely looking forward to November as this month I will be going to Malaysia for a holiday. I have a few items that I've been loving in the month of October, so let's get into it!..


MAYBELLINE Age Rewind Concealer

I started using this concealer this month and I've been loving it. It's so easy to apply and I love the sponge applicator. The formula is a thin and easy to blend out under the eyes. I got the shade lighter than my skin tone, so it just brightens up and conceal my "designer bags" very well. It doesn't creased or get flaky after applying it. I'd say this might even be better than the Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer that I had previously loved. Two thumbs up for this little baby!

SOAP & GLORY Hand Food Lotion

If you haven't try out any of Soap & Glory's products yet, you have been missing out my friend. This hand cream is like my crack. I use it everyday and I love sniffing my hand. [Hey, when you have tried out this lotion you won't be judging me no more.] The scent smells like shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. MMmmm. The one I have is the travel size 50ml which is perfect for me put in my bag. You can also get the bigger size which is 125ml. It leaves my hand feeling so smooth and it's non-greasy. 

ORGANI Organic Firming Serum

First of all, can we please take a moment to admire this cute packaging! It looks so luxurious. Well, for the price I paid for it, I expected something a little more than a cheap plastic design. I got this at a little pop-up stall in Melbourne. The sale assistant I spoke to was super lovely and told me about the benefits of using this serum. This is the first time I've ever use a serum so I can't really compare to other brands. However, the serum has been doing wonders for my skin. It tightens up my skin and keep my skin hydrated. 


ORGANI Cleanser & Toner

Dun dun dunnn!! As much as I love the serum from this brand, this cleanser and toner was a whole another story. When the sale assistant did the little demo on my skin, I was impressed with the results. It showed the dirt and oil that washed out from my hand. She also claimed that it would remove my makeup and waterproof mascara. It didn't. So disappointing that I paid $70AUD for this product.[Yup, my wallet is not impress at all.] It just does nothing for me. My $10AUD Dove cleanser worked much better than this product. 


REXONA Women Anti-Perspiration Deodorant 

 When it comes to deodorant, I've probably tried every different type on the market. However, I've never come across a deodorant cream before until someone mentioned it on a YouTube video. I do sweat quite a bit. It's not pretty at all but hey, thank goodness deodorant was invented. I've always use the spray on ones but I've found the cream formula have worked so much better. I have definitely sweat a lot less. Yayy! The only thing that I dislike about this, is that if I get it on my clothes, it leaves a white mark. 

If you have read any of Sparks' novel, you know his style of writing. This book is about two highschool sweethearts both from a very different family background. They were later reunited to farewell someone that had always been there for them. That's all I'm going to tell you. I'm not going to sugar-coat it. This book is on the sadder side. It has a bitter sweet ending. It touched my feelings and got me teary towards the end. I'd definitely recommend it if you'e into romance novels.

SNICKERS Ice-cream Bars

Holy moly! This stuff is the bomb dot com. It's a Snickers Bar but in an ice-cream form. How cool is that?! It's absolutely delicious and the caramel and nuts together are just a perfect combo. I've literally been eating this once a day.. yeah buh bye summer body..


Gahhh! I first heard this song in Bubzbeauty's wedding video. It's just a sweet, catchy song. I can't believe he sang this to his girlfriend, now fiance, Jordan as a wedding proposal. How cute! I'm looking forward to going to his concert in April next year.

I've literally listened to this song on repeat when I got it. It's a super catchy and fun song. Landon has such an amazing voice and have I mention his charming good looks?! [You can serenade to me anytime,Landon.] 


Sisi is my favourite blogger of the month! She's such a lovely person and what I admired her the most, is her dedication to blogging. She always has new content up on her blog and they're always great to read. She's very passionate about beauty and she has some great make-up looks and reviews on her blog too. For the work she put into her blog, she deserve a lot more followers! So, please go over to her blog and give her a follow.

So that wraps up my October favourites! I hope you all have a fabulous month of November.☺



  1. Okay so I filmed and wrote my blog post for October favorites today and I included Marry Me as my favorite song of the month too! haha twinny's :D Great post! I have been wanting to try that Soap and Glory hand lotion and that snickers ice cream is :) Btw I hope your having an amazing time in Malaysia and my kik has been acting horrible my wifi has not been working all too great :( wahh but I will try to kik you now :) xo

  2. Thanks so much as featuring me as your blogger of the month! I love your favorites and that snickers ice cream looks so amazing!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  3. I absolutely love the Soap and Glory Hand Food, it smells so yummy! The Endless Glove hand mask is really good as well :) x

  4. I can't read Nicholas Sparks novels! They ALL make me cry! Beautiful stories, but some just rip your heart out! I love reading too!


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