Hey everyone, I'm back from my vacation!☺ Firstly, I apologize for not having any post up for the last week (pleasee forgive me? hehe). In case you didn't know, I was over in Malaysia for a holiday to visit my family and friends. [Follow me on Twitter to stay updated!] I only got back two days ago and I can't wait to get back onto schedule to blog. Okay, now onto today's post..  

I was tagged by the two lovely ladies, Hope from Beauty & Bliss and Sisi from Modern Beauty Girl. They both tagged me in two different tag posts but I decided to put them into one post because A. these tags are way overdue and B... refer back to A. haha I thought this way just make things a little easier. Sorry about the delay girls but better late than never, right? Anyway, be sure to check out both of their blogs because they always have great content up to read. I'm sure you'll fall in love with their blogs. So, I will be listing three beauty things I suck at and I chose seven questions from Sisi's tag to answer. Let's jump straight into it!

 Beauty Things I Suck At!

photo via Google Images
  • French braiding my hair- I can braid my hair to the side or at the front but it's impossible for me to braid it right from the front of my head to the back. I find that my fingers gets tangled up and there are always all those random loops, bumps and loose pieces of hair. When I tried to braid, it never ends up looking like the picture above.. mine always ends up like a hot mess..

  •  Applying eyeliner and winging it out- Ugh..I just can't seem to get it right! Especially when winging it out, they never look the same - one is larger than the other,pointier,longer, not at the right angle.. It makes things a little harder for me when I already have uneven eyes. I always have to lined one of my top lash line more than the other to make them look somewhat "normal". 

  • Applying falsies- The last post I did of the Spring Delight makeup look, where I applied the half- falsies. That took me probably a good 10 minutes to put it on correctly. I've tried putting the full length falsies - well that took me a lot longer than 10 minutes. Yup.. it's a bit depressing but I'll get there eventually with a lot more practice. 
Q & A

What makes blogging comfortable for you? 
The support and nice feedback that I get makes it easier for me to just be myself and blog. I try to write/type how I would normally communicate with people in real life. I think that way it shows my personality and makes the blog more real to read, rather than being all formal and serious. 

What do you wear while blogging?
Shhhh... usually in my trackies/ pajamas pants and a t-shirt. I like to be comfy when I blog. Hair in a messy bun, no make-up, sweat pants and a cute tee with a cup of tea..that's the way I like it!☺

Awkwardest blogging moment?
Hmm..probably in my earlier OOTD posts where one of my friends were helping me take pictures in public and I was posing awkwardly. Yeah..i'm working on that. 

One thing that you're looking forward to in the upcoming year?
Moving out of home and living the city life that I've always dreamed of. Daunting yet super excited for this new chapter of my life.

Are you a spender or a saver?
I'd say that I am more of a saver than a spender. I am definitely a bargain shopper. Of course, every once a while I like to splurge a little and spoil myself.

Who's your favorite blogger?
Ahh I have way too many faves. However, one of my all time favourite blogger/idol/inspiration/celeb is the amazing, Lauren Conrad. I love her style, her personality and just everything she has done to be where she is at today. Truly an inspiration to me. I cannot wait to see all her wedding planning posts coming up. Yayy☺

What's one quote that you wish the world could live by?
"Everyday may not be good, but there's something good in everyday." Always look on the bright side and be grateful for the little things that others take for granted. 

If you haven't done this tag yet and you would like to do it, then you have now been tag to do it! Hehe 



  1. Such a fun tag! I'm awful at winged liner too! I always end up ruining my entire eye makeup trying to even each eye out! haha

    carly; sundays grace

    1. It's a pain when that happens.Glad to hear that i'm not the only one haha! :)

  2. yay! so happy that you did the tag! I love your answers!
    Modern Beauty Girl

    1. Apologies that it has taken me so long to finally do it haha.Thanks girlie! :)

  3. Glad you finally got around to doing it! I loved your answers! Lauren Conrad is one of my favorites too. Love the quote too, it's one of my favorites and so true! :)


    1. Ahh LC is simply amazing, isn't she? Thankyou lovely! :)

  4. Welcome back Natalie =)

    How exciting to be living in the city next year!

    I ♥ that quote in the end. Sometime's it's easy to take things for granted but I've found that being constantly grateful for the blessings in life (big and small) really helps with positive thinking.

    I think I'll do this tag too (hehe). I ♥ doing these questionnaire/getting to know you tags x

    1. Thanks girl! :)
      Yess, i'm excited and nervous at the same time haha. Hopefully everything will work out for the best.
      Well said girlie! That's what I keep reminding myself everyday.
      Considered yourself tagged! hehe. I can't wait to read your answers :)

  5. Hope you had a great vacay! Keep practicing with the false lashes! Gets easier. Same with winged liner.

    1. I did Kaz! You know what they say, "Practise makes perfect!" :)


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