Hi everyone! Today’s post will be a collaboration with my lovely friend, Cali at Cali Jae. Cali came up with the idea of sharing our favourite fashion essentials for the current season. As Cali lives on the other side of the world from me, she will be sharing her Fall Fashion Essentials and vice versa; I will be sharing my favourite Spring Fashion Essentials for 2013. I’m super excited that spring is finally here because I’m so over the cold, rainy wintery days. I’m ready for the warmer weather and to revamp my closet to a more spring appropriate wardrobe. Without further ado, let’s get started,shall we?...


With the warmer weather here, it's time to stop covering ourselves from top to bottom and show a bit of skin (but not too much skin, stay classy ladies :P). You really can't go wrong with wearing a dress for this season. For me, i'm loving bold patterned dresses for casual days as well as lace dresses and floral printed dresses for a more feminine look. You can always dress it up by adding a statement jewellery piece and a nice pair of wedges and voila! You're out the door looking polished and done up without too much effort. For those windy days, I like to layer my dress with a lightweight cardigan or a denim jacket as well as a pair of tights to avoid embarrassment of flashing other people. 


I've been seeing so many playsuits and jumpsuits on the market lately, which is no surprise as they are so gorgeous and fun to wear. These are perfect if you're going to a music festival or to a party. Pair it with some ankle boots or platforms and you will be looking stylish. I purchased my playsuit pictured above from SABO SKIRT


Just because winter is over, doesn’t mean we have to ditch the scarves. For spring appropriate, try wearing a light-weight printed scarf instead. This thin and sheer fabric will be breezy to wear without keeping your neck warm for the spring season. Scraves are the perfect accessories to add femininity to your spring wardrobe.  


A cute, little cross- over bag like the one pictured above from Colette is a staple piece in my spring wardrobe. The pop of colour just adds a bit of vibrancy to an outfit. Not only that, it's super functional when you're on the go or at a festival. It's a perfect fit for all your basic essentials to be stored in the bag and easily accessible. 


For spring, I prefer to wear wedges or flats whereas for summer I would wear sandals instead. The reason being, I don't go to the beach all that often during spring time. Wedges and flats for me are so much more comfortable to wear and with the variety of designs, you can easily wear with any outfit you desire. Plus, wearing a pair of wedges also adds some height, which is a bonus.

So, these are all my Spring fashion favourites! Let me know down below what are some of your Spring essentials. Be sure to check out Cali's post HERE! (Cali also filmed a fashion video over on her YouTube channel. Subscribe to her peeps cause she's ahhmazing with everything she does!)



  1. (coming from cali's blog) i really like those dresses! they do look perfect for spring! i wish i could pull off jumpsuits but some clothes are just not flattering on mediterranean body-types.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading this post! :) ahh yes, I understand that jumpsuits aren't suitable for everyone but whatever body types, embrace it. :)

  2. Great job love! I really want to try out jumpsuits! I might have to try that in the springtime :) xo

    1. Right back at cha! You should! They would look great on you :) xx

  3. The scarf and bag looks so cute! I wish that I could pull off the jumpsuits, but I can't find ones that look good on me!
    Modern Beauty Girl

    1. They are! Thanks :) Yeah, I agree that it's hard to find the perfect fit but they are so many out there. Just keep searching and hopefully you will find one that suits you :) x


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